logan607 (logan607) wrote in ubergeeks,

Mounting a 2.5" drive into a 3.5" bay

Couldn't sleep the other night and was between womanizing and drinking. I'd been meaning to set up RAID 5 on my media center to house about 1.5 terabytes of space spanning of a bunch of disks so, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.

Decided I needed a really small disk for a barebones XP config as all it had to do was run Windows MCE. 20 gigs was plenty and I had a spare 2.5" laptop drive that fit the bill.

But how to mount that sucker?

As it turns out, Maximum PC had just the trick a while back and I had exactly four rubber bands and ONE chopstick, that was the perfect size when snapped in half.

After only 30 mins, was able to mount it.

As for the RAID 5, well, that sucked hard; essentially JOBD that I concatenated for now but it's on my to-do list.

Back to the rum.

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