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Blame @Jokerzmind, he got me started on this...

...although, I should thank him. Haven't had anything good to rant about in awhile!

7:39 PM 10/2/12 · When I'm at work I bop around to my various twitter accounts. Just the sockpuppets, sometimes I less RP then just kick back and listen to the news and the few folks I've got notification turned to on. It was during this past weekend I had a lil' chat with the guy in the subject line that got what follows stuck in my head through the rest of my shift...

...I was logged into @Ult_Superhero at the time.

He was wondering why Batman's current history, of roughly 3 years, included the sum total time he trained his 3 different partners. I countered this somewhat confused because I wasn't sure what he was going on about. My best theory at the time was it was an AU (Alternate Universe) issue. DC Comics regularly reboots their entire continuity with some major cosmic event / limited series. What the subject line was going on about was The New 52 and he thought I meant that.

I didn't but it turned out what he thought was The New 52 actually isn't.

While not all of the wiki sites are 100% accurate, whoever did the write·up on Batzarro made a major clusterfuck, the following links are pretty decent.

There's actually been a lot more cosmic events that have recent DC's history, and/or changed the fundamental basics of their reality, but those 3 apply here. Mostly. See, @Jokerzmind thought he was talking about that 2nd link but what he actually meant was the 3rd.

I'll try and keep this as simple as possible.

The Crisis On Infinite Earths was the first major cosmic event that I was aware of, at the time it happened was around when I actively started reading DC Comics. There were a series of Crisis On Earths series prior to this, largely collections of stories where the Justice Society of America from Earth·2 teamed with the Justice League of America from Earth·1 (badly named as Earth·2 actually was around first) teamed up against some threat from one of the other Earths; usually the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Anyway, Crisis On Infinite Earths was the biggie.

Short form, a major cosmic baddie in the Anti·Matter Universe discovered that if he destroyed the neighboring Positive Matter Universes his realm got bigger and he became more powerful. By the time of the first comic book he had already destroyed millions of parallel realities and was just reaching the realities that most people who read DC Comics are more familiar with... when he encountered his first real resistance.

It basically became a knock·down, dragged out, fight between the Anti·Monitor (the cosmic baddie) and the heroes & villains of the remaining 5 Earths.

At the end of things the baddie was beaten, the remaining 5 Earths were merged into 1 with all but a small number of those living there aware there had ever been a multiverse to begin with.

Like I said, there were a lot of other cosmic, reality rebooting, events other than the ones I'm mentioning here... but these ones are key.

The badly named The New 52, badly due to the fact that there were millions of Earths before Crisis On Infinite Earths and not just 52, was the result of Infinite Crisis. A small number of survivors from that first link, believed dead to everyone else, came back to try and recreate the multiverse. All believing what followed since then was wrong and badly distorted, which is an understatement for some of them...

...most notably Superboy Prime.

At the end of Infinite Crisis the multiverse was reborn into The New 52, now placing Earth at the center of not only the universe but the multiverse as well. This is what subject line man (could be a good superhero name) was going on about when he actually meant the next thing.

Fairly recently there was a storyline called Flashpoint where Flash narrowly avoided being wiped from existence when multiverse got hit by another cosmic something or other, he was the only survivor and the Earth he wound up on was a twisted version of what he remembered. At the tail·end of that the multiverse was rebooted once again, Flash being incoporated into the new reality with everyone else, also forgetting all that came before.

This new multiverse, so far, bears aspects of the DC Universe and the Wildstorm Universe. It's called the DCnU and this is what I referred to as being a temporary AU situation. At lewast I hope so. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting but it's horribly flawed. Including the thing @Jokerzmind was going on about, Batman only being active for 3 years yet still having gone through all 3 partners in that timeframe...

...that and Batman, the first time he meets up with the other major heroes, takes off his mask and tells them his real name.

That's just beyond wrong!

Funny thing is that the DCnU seems to only effect Earth directly. The various Lantern Corps, far FAR away from our little solar system, all still exist. Their complete histories intact, including the Blackest Night which was spawned from Batman's skull, previous multiverse he was dead for a bit, all the histories exist for those that existed nowhere close to the Earth.

Don't get me wrong, the DCnU is interesting. I like it but I hope it doesn't last forever. To bring up something from Marvel Comics, I loved the Age of Apocalypse but I didn't want it to last forever. The versions of the heroes in DCnU are very cool but they don't seem quite right to me. Then again, when things eventually get back to normal, they gotta eventually, it might be cool to keep these guys around on one of the many multiple Earths.
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